RF Banana Server Features

🍌57 lvl max🍌
🍌The amount of experience gained from monsters increased 5 times.🍌
🍌Autoloot module. After the death of the monster, the loot instantly falls into your inventory.🍌
🍌 All loot for sale for a racial currency has been changed to a single kind of loot - a banana. Less trash in inventory.🍌
🍌 Classic loot (for crafting) can be bought from the NPC at the old selling price.🍌
🍌 When creating a character: PT 99/99, weapons suitable for the selected class equal to 10 lvl int. 🍌
🍌 MAU pilots get experience even being inside combat vehicles.🍌

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Translation and advertising implemented by the administration for the most popular languages among the RF Online players of the worldwide.


The project was created by professionals who are well versed in the capabilities of the game engine and user needs. We guarantee server stability and protection from cheaters.


Currency cash-shop bought in the automatic mode, in any international currency. You can pay purchases or server support cryptocurrency.

Information for beginners

Three enemy race

RF Online - MMORPG, whose story unfolds on the planet Novus, in which the powerful of the world discovered a very valuable ore. Since then, on this planet starts an endless war for this resource. RF Online gameplay - third-person RPG with mouse and keyboard. Full gameplay guide on link at the bottom.

Holy Aliance Cora

Natives of the planet Novus, adepts of the god Daysem. Warriors and archers of this race have unrivaled attacking abilities. But the power of the alliance rests on the magical adepts, whom Daysem endowed with dark magic and the ability to invoke animus - powerful primeval demons

Accretian Empire

Contrary to popular belief, Acretians are not robots from the assembly line, but ordinary people to whom the empire bestows a mechanical body instead of a flimsy of flesh and blood, leaving only the brain from the organs. Warriors of this race perfectly perform protection functions, specialists - support functions. The main feature of the race - launcher, leaving from the crowd of enemies of the empire only a handful of ashes.

Bellato Federation

Skillfully combining the capabilities of technological progress and the magic of light, Bellato Federation moves to the total domination of the galaxy. Their warriors deftly drop their enemies on their shoulder blades, machine-gunners leave holes not only on the enemy's body, healers haven't learned maybe only how to resurrect, but main feature is permission by specialist's to buy a huge armored combat vehicles MAU for mere pennies for this trading empire

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