RF Online
8th of August
Server start: 50 lvl cap, exp rates x1
9th of September
2 stage: 60 lvl cap, exp rates x3
10th of October
3 stage: 70 lvl cap, exp rates x10
11th of November
4 stage: 80 lvl cap, exp rates x30
A fresh start
filled with Nostalgia!
RF Online
A brand new concept of RF Online server. New stages will open through the development of the game unlocking new maximum level limits to deepen and improve your gaming experience.
Fight to become the most powerful hero. The good old days of RF are back with lower rates and tough challenges.

Defeat your foes and lead your Race to victory!
Clear loot
  • Banana
  • Intense Armor
  • Intense Weapon
  • Mining Ore
  • Gold Capsule
A lot of equipment
  • New SiegeKits 45, 70, 75 level
  • Armor parts up to 80 level
    Type 'C' 39+ level armor craft
  • Weapon up to 80 level
  • Rings and Amulets
  • Boosters and Cloaks
  • Mau & Animuses up to 80 level
  • Traps & Towers up to 80 level
New Gameplay Quality
  • Autotarget|Tab-target Feature
    Quest Navigation Feature
  • Autoloot for all Players
  • No-PvP at EXP locations
    and chipbreaker event
  • Summon Animus lvl no restrict
    New crystal visual effect
  • Mau Exp and AOE Area Hit
    New charms visual effect
  • 60 FPS client unlock
    Improved worldwide response
  • Full Age of Patron Update
    Color In-Game Description
  • Long term play server
    Stable online 24/7


The main differences between this start and the others are:

Trusted  project with a lot of experience, guarantied stable, interesting long-term play
First open private server with Age Of Patron Update, that created by CCR in 2016 year and use only by official asia servers for that days (next after update).
No PVP on EXP locations feature. Fighting between players allowed only in Crag Mines and cap location
Autoloot feature is default for all players
Most information of server features can be readed ahead that block
1 Stage rates:
Experience: х 1 (Premium х 1,5)
Skills: х 2 (Premium х 3)
PT: х 2 (Premium х 3) (Summon, MAU, Launcher, Shield PT GM when character create)
Magic: х 40 (Premium: х 60)(enable in-town buff exp, delete in-afk buff exp)
Mining speed: х 10
Animus experience: х 1 (Premium: х 1.5) (Inanna exp need decrease, Paimon exp gain reworked)

Every next Stage character experience, skill, PT and animus rates will increases by x3.
The official date for opening the server is August 8th, 2020
The official date for opening the Open Test is August 1th, 2020. OBT end date is August 5th, with full characters wipe.
No. From Open Test start date you can enjoy earn Banana Points by votes and donate, accounts will be saved
Free to play with optional cash shop purchases
The premium guarantees some in-game benefits:
Basic Rates x1,5
All-In-One charm: include sprint, holy, anti-invisible, 5 recovery and 5 leader charms in one item
Black cloak with booster skill
One-handed blade with 1,5 movement speed bonus, 10% HP and 5% block

 —  Premium Days available to buy in any amount, started from 1 (one) day = 50 Banana Points
Currency  RF  Banana Control Panel.  From any project support (by donate or by votes) player instantly get Banana Points at his account bill
Banana Points can be spend for Premium days or CashShop Points
Yes. The value of the Banana Points is  1500 for 10 USD. Before release server start it sells with x1.3 bonus (2000 BP by 10 USD)
Maximum of 14 characters. Roman alphabet and numbers.
 — Operational system: Microsoft Windows 7 / Microsoft Windows 8-8.1 / Microsoft Windows 10
 — Processor: Pentium / Athlon 2.0 GHz and above
 — Working memory: not less than 1 GB
 — Internet: Internet connection (preferably broadband)